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"Fertility is a fragile subject for most people, but Maria takes care of you. It doesn't matter what your fertility/cycle history is - there's an answer and Maria will work with you to find the right one for you. The best thing that has come from this have been the personal sessions in which she worked with me to understand my own fertility/cycle. As a single, young adult I am so much better prepared for my (God-willing) child-bearing years because of FertilityCare with Maria. You won't regret any of your time learning more about your fertility. Trust me!" - Katie K.

"Creighton truly opens your eyes to the reproductive health and wellness of your body. It teaches you much more than what was taught in your health class. It is suitable for all women. Maria is compassionate and supportive. She follows up and offers suggestions based on her knowledge of Creighton. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to take the intro session and then my individual meetings." - Kira W.

"As a medical student, I appreciate the fact that the Creighton Model is a unique way for a woman to take charge of her reproductive health.  Specifically, working with Maria as my Fertility Care Practitioner has enhanced the Creighton Model experience even more for me. She has listened with an open heart to me every session and has always approached my personal set of fertility needs and desires with the utmost compassion. Maria has the knowledge and heart to uniquely care for each of her clients, and I would highly recommend her." - Jess H.