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Introductory Session



Local or Long-distance

1 hr 15 min  private session

First step in learning Creighton Model

Intro Session covers Anatomy & Physiology,  Fertility Awareness, Creighton Model Charting &  NaPro Technology


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Personal Fertility Kit

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First follow-up  required with purchase of materials.




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1 hr private sessions

Continued Learning

Tailored Cycle Instruction

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Introductory Session

Learn about the standardized method of Creighton Model FertlityCare System and how to navigate naturally occurring times of fertility and infertility as well as monitor gynecological health.   

The intro session consists of a basic background of anatomy & physiology, charting, and NaPro Technology and serves as the first step in learning the method.  Intro sessions are provided virtually.


Follow-up sessions are tailored to help you understand your individual cycles by assessing biomarkers that provide you with the knowledge to become a better advocate for your health.

There are a total of eight follow up sessions over a 12 month period to ensure user accountability and accuracy in using the System effectively.